Waterco BH 5000 Cast Iron Pump

Waterco BH 5000 Cast Iron Pump


The Bronze Hydro 5000 Pump is a high performance, selfpriming cast iron pump, designed for aquatic facilities, water parks and large commercial swimming pools.

  • Motor Power: 5.4 HP – 14.7 HP
  • Commercial Swimming Pools
  • Running Noise: Low
  • Free UK Delivery
  • 4kW     /    5.4 HP / 208 Kg
  • 5.5kW /    7.4 HP / 221 Kg
  • 7.5kW / 10.0 HP / 221 Kg
  • 9.5kW / 14.7 HP / 279 Kg
  • 11kW  / 14.7 HP / 279 Kg

Product Features

Welcoming Waterco into the big hitter category the Hydro 5000 Cast Iron Pump is the largest and most powerful commercial pump from the Waterco range. The Waterco Bronze Hydro 5000 Cast Iron Pump features a hydraulically efficient bronze impeller which allows for quiet operation and excellent flow. Constructed with a composite wet end and clear lid which allows easy inspection of the 18 litre capacity polypropylene strainer

The pump body is manufactured utilising state of the art engineering plastic moulding with a single piece strainer pot for extra strength and an in built volute for maximum performance. A high grade 316 stainless steel mechanical seal is incorporated for extra protection against corrosion. e.g. chlorinated water, ozone, iodine, Baquacil, bromine and saltwater.

  • Running Noise: Low
  • High grade, heavy duty IP55, weather proofed motor with 431 stainless steel shaft
  • 6″ Flanged suction port
  • 4″ Flanged discharge port
  • Quick release lid for easy maintenance
  • Heavy duty polypropylene strainer with an 18 litre capacity
  • Enclosed bronze impeller and bronze wear rings for lasting reliability
  • Integral support base for ease of mounting
  • Free UK delivery

Product Details


About Waterco


Waterco is dedicated to the manufacturing of energy efficient and environmentally friendly products. Waterco began operating in 1981 as a distributor of supplies for swimming pools and spas. Since then, through a series of acquisitions, that included the U.K filtration manufacturer Lacron Limited in 2003, as well as internal growth, the company has expanded into manufacturing of a comprehensive range of products for the swimming pool, water treatment, aquaculture and other water related industries.

Within Europe the acquisition of Lacron provided Waterco with the best possible logistical platform from which to launch in to Europe, not at least thanks to the excellent reputation associated with the Lacron brand name for the past 30 years. In turn Waterco brings with it a vast and diverse range of innovative pool and spa product lines and are committed to the promotion of quality products.

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Additional Information

Weight 208 kg
Dimensions 1060 × 403 × 531 cm
Select Model

4kW     /    5.4 HP / 208 Kg, 5.5kW /    7.4 HP / 221 Kg, 7.5kW / 10.0 HP / 221 Kg, 9.5kW / 14.7 HP / 279 Kg, 11kW  / 14.7 HP / 279 Kg


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