Certikin BP 3000RPM Commercial Pump

Certikin BP 3000RPM Commercial Pump


The Certikin BP 3000RPM high performance pool pump has been designed with efficiency in mind, all models in this range are suitable for large commercial swimming pools.

  • Motor Power: 2.5 HP – 12.5 HP
  • Commercial Swimming Pools
  • Running Noise: Low
  • Free UK Delivery
  • BP251    / Phase 1 /    2.5HP (1.9kW)
  • BP253    / Phase 3 /    2.5HP (1.9kW)
  • BP301    / Phase 1 /    3.0HP (2.2kW)
  • BP303    / Phase 3 /    3.0HP (2.2kW)
  • BP403    / Phase 3 /    4.0HP (3.0kW)
  • BP553    / Phase 3 /    5.5HP (4.1kW)
  • BP753    / Phase 3 /    7.5HP (5.6kW)
  • BP1003 / Phase 3 / 10.0HP (7.5KW)
  • BP1253 / Phase 3 / 12.5HP (9.4KW)

Product Features

The Certikin BP 3000 RPM Centrifugal swimming pool pump is part of the Certikin heavy duty range. This three phase juggernaut is perfect for large heavily used commercial swimming pools.

Designed and developed with efficiency in mind, these unique centrifugal pumps offer quality performance and reliability.

*All dimensions below are in millimetres and all weights are shown in kilograms. The flange faces are PN10 (BS4505) compatible.

  • Bronze impeller.
  • Integral strainer box with basket.
  • Stainless steel mechanicaly sealed shaft.
  • 3000 or 1500 RPM motors @ 50 Hz (60Hz option).
  • Cast iron body.
  • IP55 protection rated.
  • Self Priming.
  • Quick release strainer lid.

Product Details



About Certikin


Certikin International UK is one of the largest manufacturers of leisure and swimming pool equipments in the world. Based in Oxfordshire, Certikin International has 50 years of long tradition of R&D focused on customer’s need and product quality. Certikin International has presence in more than 30 countries around the world, being part of Fluidra Group an International benchmark in swimming pools & wellness. Respect for water and its rational use is the basis of the group’s philosophy. The companies that comprise Fluidra, some of them going back over 45 years, have grown with this vision specialising in four water-focused business units: water treatment, fluid handling, irrigation and equipment for swimming pools. Fluidra currently operates in 45 countries through 150 branch offices and production plants on every continent. The group employs around 4,000 people.

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Additional Information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 735 × 250 × 320 cm
Select Model

BP251    / Phase 1 /    2.5HP (1.9kW), BP253    / Phase 3 /    2.5HP (1.9kW), BP301    / Phase 1 /    3.0HP (2.2kW), BP303    / Phase 3 /    3.0HP (2.2kW), BP403    / Phase 3 /    4.0HP (3.0kW), BP553    / Phase 3 /    5.5HP (4.1kW), BP753    / Phase 3 /    7.5HP (5.6kW), BP1003 / Phase 3 / 10.0HP (7.5KW), BP1253 / Phase 3 / 12.5HP (9.4KW)


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